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Name you prefer: Kim
Gender identification: Genderqueer. Usually I'm neutral, occasionally femme or masculine when I'm in the mood.
Sexual Orientation: pansexual
Closet status: I don't normally discuss personal details with people in real life relating to my gender identification or sexuality--I'm not closeted online, but in real life I'm a bit closeted--I live in Japan and there's a huge social stigma against anyone perceived as "different".
Dom, sub, or switch: Sub.
Relationship status: Newly single.
Level of experience with BDSM: Little. I've recently come off of a 5-year relationship in which my partner didn't really care to explore this aspect of my sexuality with me. Occasionally I could wheedle my way into a lovely spanking, or being bound--little things--but my partner was less than enthusiastic. Now that I'm single again, I want whomever is my next partner to be willing to explore this with me, as it's been very long overdue.
Age: 23

Any additional tidbits you think are important...
Two of the most important things in my life are my religion (Shinto, with a healthy dose of Buddhism) and my martial art (an old Japanese style that includes swordsmanship and jujutsu). (If it wasn't for these I honestly don't know what would be guiding me through my life right now. My parents disagree with nearly every aspect of my lifestyle, and I haven't talked to them in over a year.) Shinto and Buddhism comfort and protect me, and my martial art trains and disciplines my body, spirit, and heart.
Name you prefer: Adam
Gender identification: FTM or male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Closet status: At work...definately closed....in public...open as hell
Dom, sub, or switch: Mostly Dom...switch on rare occasions
Relationship status: Polyamorous with GF
Level of experience with BDSM: 12+ years
Age: 30

Any additional tidbits you think are important...

Nothing comes to mind at the moment
Name you prefer: Brooke or Shadow depends on circumstances and how I'm presenting. Still respond to my legal (male) name too.
Gender identification: MtF TG/genderqueer
Sexual Orientation: bi, prefer males at the moment
Closet status: out to friends & aquaintances
Dom, sub, or switch: switch
Relationship status: none :-(
Level of experience with BDSM: *lots* of experience as a bootom (I'm a pain slut!), some experience subbing and topping. Expert with electrical toys.
Age: 51

Any additional tidbits you think are important...

I'm a computer geek, SF & fantasy fan. Used to play FRPGs. Would like to be able to be Brooke whenever I was in the mood, but until I get permanent hair removal, I can't do it more than a couple days a week (my face does *not* respond well to shaving daily).
Name you prefer: Adam.
Gender Identification: Boy or queer.
Sexual Orientation: Queer.
Closet Status: Out to anyone who cares to ask.
Dom, sub or swicth: Mainly sub, very occasionally switch.
Relationship status: Single.
Level of experiance with BDSM: No point lying, very, very, very minimal, I'm afraid :(
Age: 21
Additional info: Not much, really...maybe I'll think of something later...