I figured I might as well as post something new.

I was wondering what y'all do when you travel with a partner.

My girlfriend and I will be overseas, so it's not a good idea to take handcuffs and that sort of thing. (She doesn't like handcuffs anyway.) So we're going to improvise. We both have leather belts that we will wear during the day, but they're fun during the night. And she has three cloth belts that easily double as restraints.

Curious, what do y'all do?
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Name you prefer: Brooke or Shadow depends on circumstances and how I'm presenting. Still respond to my legal (male) name too.
Gender identification: MtF TG/genderqueer
Sexual Orientation: bi, prefer males at the moment
Closet status: out to friends & aquaintances
Dom, sub, or switch: switch
Relationship status: none :-(
Level of experience with BDSM: *lots* of experience as a bootom (I'm a pain slut!), some experience subbing and topping. Expert with electrical toys.
Age: 51

Any additional tidbits you think are important...

I'm a computer geek, SF & fantasy fan. Used to play FRPGs. Would like to be able to be Brooke whenever I was in the mood, but until I get permanent hair removal, I can't do it more than a couple days a week (my face does *not* respond well to shaving daily).
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Name you prefer: Adam.
Gender Identification: Boy or queer.
Sexual Orientation: Queer.
Closet Status: Out to anyone who cares to ask.
Dom, sub or swicth: Mainly sub, very occasionally switch.
Relationship status: Single.
Level of experiance with BDSM: No point lying, very, very, very minimal, I'm afraid :(
Age: 21
Additional info: Not much, really...maybe I'll think of something later...
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Name you prefer: Adam
Gender identification: FTM or male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Closet status: At work...definately as hell
Dom, sub, or switch: Mostly Dom...switch on rare occasions
Relationship status: Polyamorous with GF
Level of experience with BDSM: 12+ years
Age: 30

Any additional tidbits you think are important...

Nothing comes to mind at the moment
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Name you prefer: Sparky or Marian

Gender identification: Queer/Trans-ish

Sexual Orientation: Queer

Closet status: Out as far as liking girls goes, mostly closeted/unsure about any trans status I may have

Dom, sub, or switch: Switch, but since my girl is a sub I'm a dom for the most part

Relationship status: Happily attached

Level of experience with BDSM: Fairly experienced, I've been involved in BDSM since I was about 15

Age: 28

Any additional tidbits you think are important... I don't think there's anything, but if anyone has any questions for me I'd be more than happy to answer them.

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Name you prefer: kel
Gender identification: female man, genderqueer
Sexual Orientation: queer
Closet status: mostly out, as trans and queer
Dom, sub, or switch: sub
Relationship status: polyamorous
Level of experience with BDSM: a few months ago, a partner suggested it and i dived into it completely and i really really enjoy it
Age: 21

Any additional tidbits you think are important...
i can't think of anything right now...
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Name you prefer: Kim
Gender identification: Genderqueer. Usually I'm neutral, occasionally femme or masculine when I'm in the mood.
Sexual Orientation: pansexual
Closet status: I don't normally discuss personal details with people in real life relating to my gender identification or sexuality--I'm not closeted online, but in real life I'm a bit closeted--I live in Japan and there's a huge social stigma against anyone perceived as "different".
Dom, sub, or switch: Sub.
Relationship status: Newly single.
Level of experience with BDSM: Little. I've recently come off of a 5-year relationship in which my partner didn't really care to explore this aspect of my sexuality with me. Occasionally I could wheedle my way into a lovely spanking, or being bound--little things--but my partner was less than enthusiastic. Now that I'm single again, I want whomever is my next partner to be willing to explore this with me, as it's been very long overdue.
Age: 23

Any additional tidbits you think are important...
Two of the most important things in my life are my religion (Shinto, with a healthy dose of Buddhism) and my martial art (an old Japanese style that includes swordsmanship and jujutsu). (If it wasn't for these I honestly don't know what would be guiding me through my life right now. My parents disagree with nearly every aspect of my lifestyle, and I haven't talked to them in over a year.) Shinto and Buddhism comfort and protect me, and my martial art trains and disciplines my body, spirit, and heart.
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Name you prefer: DJ
Gender identification: FtM
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Closet status: Out about my sexual orientation, not out about my gender to many people
Dom, sub, or switch: Dom
Relationship status: Committed to a wonderful girlfriend/boyfriend/genderless person
Level of experience with BDSM: Newbie

Any additional tidbits you think are important...
I love to watch movies and write.
I first looked into BDSM when my partner came out to me as a sub. And I ended up liking it... a lot. It was easier to accept, too, because one of my best friends from high school is a masochistic sub.
I'm still struggling with my gender identification, though.